Chioma Abalogu

Abalogu Chioma has been creating and exploring the boundaries of art for 4 years. With a unique and distinctive style, she has become known for African culture.

Always drawn to the world of art, she pursued this passion by attending Artevino Milburn’s painting classes in New Jersey in 2019 and The UAL London in 2022. She’s inspired by nature, human emotions, and personal experiences, and often explores texture, humour, spirituality, stories, loss and desire.

She has had numerous exhibitions and gained recognition for the Igba-Nkwu masterpiece at the Dulwich Festival exhibition in 2022. Her work can be found on @omj.arts Ig. Proceeds from her work support ‘afmental’ mental health CIC. She continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art, exploring new techniques and materials.

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